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BOYS! BOYS! BOYS! is a platform from The Little Black Gallery, curated by co-founder Ghislain Pascal, to promote queer and gay photography.

It now represents more than 60 photographers from 30 countries – including China, India, Iran, Poland, and Russia where gay rights are repressed and queer lives under constant threat.

BOYS! BOYS! BOYS! includes exhibitions, books, bi-annual magazine, photography courses, competitions, and online art platform.

There have been five BOYS! BOYS! BOYS! auctions with Paddle8, and exhibitions worldwide at Fahey Klein Gallery Los Angeles, The Ravestijn Gallery Amsterdam, The Hospital Club London, Galerie Biesenbach Cologne, The Library Project Dublin, and a collaboration with TJ Boulting London.

The first BOYS! BOYS! BOYS! book, with a foreword by David Furnish, was published in 2019; the second by  teNeues | MENDO in 2020. Both are sold out, with all the royalties donated to the Elton John AIDS Foundation. The third book will be published in spring 2023 by Kehrer Verlag.

The bi-annual BOYS! BOYS! BOYS! Magazine was launched in January 2021.

The family of photographers past and present include:

Johnny Abbate (Italy)
AdeY (UK / Sweden)
Ryker Allen (USA)
Alex Avgud (Russia)
Tom Bianchi (USA)
Yves De Brabander (Belgium)
Domenico Cennamo (Italy)
Mathias Chaillot (France)
David Charles Collins (Australia)
Alexander Courtman (Germany)
David-Simon Dayan (USA)
Lulu Delafalaise (France)
Othello De’Souza-Hartley (UK)
Alejo Dillor (Argentina)
Ivan Donadio (Italy)
Diogo Duarte (Portugal)
Thibault Gaëtan Dubroca (France)
Nicholas Efimtcev (Russia)
Michael Epps (USA)
Eber Figueira (France)
Matthew Finley (USA)
Levi Foster (USA)
Benjamin Fredrickson (USA)
Andreas Fux (Germany)
Stéphane Gizard (France)
Anthony Goicolea (USA)
Greg Gorman (USA)
Phil Griffin (UK)
Nigel Grimmer (UK)
Ashish Gupta (India)
Alexandre Haefeli (Switzerland)
Babak Haghi (Iran)
Jerome Haffner (France)
Tim Hailand (USA)
Brice Hardelin (France)
Florian Hetz (Germany)
Matty Hyndman (N.Ireland)
Callum Leo Hughes (UK)
Iakovos (Greece)
Michael Joseph (USA)
Serge Le Hidalgo (Spain)
Callum Leo Hughes (UK)
Raj Kamal (India)
Matheus Katayama (Brazil)
Dmytro Komissarenko (Ukraine)
Richard Kranzin (Germany)
Zak Krevitt (USA)
Lagartier (Mexico)
Matt Lambert (USA)
Leo Maki (Poland)
Krzysztof Marchlak (Poland)
Paul McDonald (UK)
Hannes van der Merwe (Canada)
JordanRiver Michaels (USA)
Slava Mogutin (Russia)
Manuel Moncayo (Mexico)
Clifton Mooney (USA)
Charles Moriarty (Ireland)
Lucas Murnaghan (Canada)
Ahmad Naser Eldein (Palestine)
Ferry van der Nat (The Netherlands)
Aurélien Nobécourt-Arras (France)
Michael James O’Brien (USA)
Kevin Osepa (Curaçao)
Jacopo Paglione (Italy)
Juan Antonio Papagni Meca (Argentina)
Bert Van Pelt (Belgium)
Sebastian Perinotti (Argentina)
Alessandro Pollio (Italy)
Spyros Rennt (Greece)
Roy Riestap (The Netherlands)
Brandon Rizzuto (USA)
Mauricio A. Rodriguez (Venezuela)
Francisco Rosas (Mexico)
Xavier Samré (France)
Stuart Sandford (UK)
Inon Sani (Peru)
Ruben van Schalm (The Netherlands)
Sam Scott Schiavo (USA)
Niv Shank (Israel)
The Skinny Type (UK)
Luke Smithers (USA)
Michael Søndergaard (Denmark)
Nikos Stamatopoulos (Greece)
Kuba Świetlik (Poland)
Liu Tao (China)
Joost Termeer (The Netherlands)
Birk Thomassen (Denmark)
Tyler Udall (Canada)
Luis Venegas (Spain)
Mariano Vivanco (Peru)
Gerardo Vizmanos (Spain)
Thanh Vuong (Vietnam)
Sean Patrick Watters (USA)
Shen Wei (China / USA)
Sarp Kerem Yavuz (Turkey)
Vlad Zorin (Russia)

We are proud to support the following organisations working with the LGBTQ+ community and fighting the HIV / AIDS epidemic

Albert Kennedy Trust
Elton John AIDS Foundation
Frontline AIDS
National AIDS Trust
Peter Tatchell Foundation
Rainbow Railroad
Wear It Purple

BOYS! BOYS! BOYS! Advisory Committee
AdeY, Paul McDonald and Charles Moriarty

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