Michael Søndergaard


The Little Black Gallery is delighted to exclusively represent and manage Danish photo-artist and film maker Michael Søndergaard (b 1988).

Søndergaard’s work is concerned with ideas of expressing and defining masculinity and identity. He produces ominously dark and eloquently beautiful portraits of fragile yet powerful subjects.

His work is informed by a personal and academic interest in religious studies, after studying religious science (University of Copenhagen), which is the basis for his debut series RITE (2018).

In RITE he explores the fragility of masculinity through portraits where every model is put into a ritualised and sacred context to make them sincere. Every one of the photographs communicates a sense of melancholy connected to his own personal search for identity. The title ‘Rite’ refers to the concept of a rite of passage, which is a ceremonial event that marks an individual’s transition from one stage to another.

Works from his RITE series have been exhibited widely including at the Nordic Light Festival (2020); Fahey Klein Gallery, Los Angeles, (2021); The Hospital Club, London (2018); NW Gallery, Copenhagen (2018); Haute Photographie, Rotterdam  (2019); The Ravestijn Gallery, Amsterdam (2019); Galerie Biesenbach, Cologne (2019); and at a private exhibition at Sir Ian McKellen‘s house in London (2019).

His debut book RITE is out now – with an introduction by Sir Ian McKellen – order here.

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